Zucchini lecho for the winter: recipes


Many housewives are very fond of zucchini, because they are easy to prepare and can be combined with a large number of other ingredients. By themselves, zucchini has a neutral taste. Because of this, they easily absorb the aroma and taste of other components of the dish. These vegetables can be cooked in a variety of ways. Most often they are fried, stewed and baked. But experienced housewives know that zucchini can also be prepared very original and tasty preservation for the winter. They are salted and make a variety of salads. Now we consider the options of cooking lecho of zucchini for the winter. Such a blank will not leave anyone indifferent.

Secrets of cooking zucchini lecho

Before you begin, you need to learn some subtleties how to cook a tasty lecho:

  1. Old fruits for making lecho for the winter will not work. It is better to take young zucchini, which weigh no more than 150 grams. They should have a rather thin skin, as well as soft and tender flesh. Fruits with seeds for harvesting also will not work. If you use vegetables from your garden, it is best to collect them immediately before cooking. And those who buy zucchini on the market or in the store should pay attention to their appearance. Fresh fruit should not have any flaws.
  2. The recipe for lecso zucchini cooking is not much different from the classic lecho of bell peppers and tomatoes. The list of ingredients also includes tomatoes, peppers, garlic, carrots and onions. No exquisite spices are needed for this. Best of all this dish complements salt, black pepper, sugar, table vinegar and bay leaves.
  3. Mandatory ingredient is table vinegar. It is he who nourishes the tasteless zucchini with a pronounced flavor, and also acts as a preservative.
  4. Remember that it is lecho - not caviar from zucchini, but something resembling a salad. So the vegetables do not need to be very chopped, so that the dish does not turn into porridge. Zucchini taken to cut into cubes or thin slices. The width of each piece should be from 50 mm to 1.5 cm.
  5. But still in the dish must be present and liquid ingredients. To do this, you must chop the tomatoes with a meat grinder or fine grater. You can also use a blender. Some housewives prefer to use a grater. This, of course, the longest way, but, thus, all the skin will remain grated and will not fall into the dish. But, you can pre-remove the skin from the fruit, and then chop them with a blender.
  6. In order to succeed, the liquid mass of the billet needs only to use fleshy and juicy tomatoes. Many pass them through a sieve so that the mass is as homogeneous as possible. In addition, thanks to this method, the skin does not fall into the finished dish. If you do not have so much time, you can pre-peel the tomatoes. To do this, the prepared fruit is dipped in boiling water for a couple of minutes. After that, they are taken out and immediately placed under a stream of cold water. Thanks to such procedures, the peel is very easily separated.
  7. The number of bell peppers in the finished dish should not prevail. Still, the main ingredient are zucchini. Any Bulgarian pepper will do, but it is better to use red fruits. They will give the dish a more beautiful and bright color.
  8. Our grandmothers always sterilized lecho. Now, modern housewives more carefully prepare all the ingredients for the dishes, so that you can do without sterilization. The main thing is to thoroughly wash all the ingredients. In addition, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse all the jars and lids, after which they are boiled or put for a while in a preheated oven.

Zucchini lecho for winter

Required components:

  • 2 kg of zucchini;
  • 600 g carrots;
  • 1 kg of red bell pepper;
  • 600 g onions;
  • 3 kg of ripe red tomatoes;
  • 3 tbsp. l sugar;
  • 2 tbsp. l salts;
  • 4 tbsp. l table vinegar;
  • 140 ml of vegetable oil.

Now let's take a closer look at how to make lecho from zucchini, tomatoes and pepper. The first step is to prepare all the dishes. Banks can choose absolutely any size. But experienced housewives recommend using exactly liter containers. In such dishes, the billet will remain hot longer, so that pasteurization takes place.

Attention! First, the banks are washed using soda, and then rinsed with hot water.

The preparation of the tanks does not end there. After such thorough washing, it is also necessary to sterilize the dishes. Each hostess makes it a familiar way. Then the banks spread on the prepared towel hole down.

Tomatoes are first prepared. They are thoroughly washed, cut in half, and cut off the place where the stem connects with the tomato. Then the tomatoes are ground using a meat grinder or other device. The resulting mass is poured into a prepared saucepan and put on a slow fire. In this form, the tomatoes are boiled for 20 minutes.

Important! Instead of tomatoes, you can use high quality tomato paste. Before use, the paste should be diluted with water, so that it resembles a thick juice in consistency.

Meanwhile, while the first ingredient is languishing on the stove, you can prepare onions. It must be cleaned, washed in cold water and cut into strips or half rings. Then wash, peel and chop the pepper. Remember that the pieces should not be too small. Vegetable can be cut into cubes or straws. Carrots are also cleaned, washed and grated on a medium size grater. But, it is possible to cut the vegetable into straws. Now you can proceed to the most important ingredient. The first thing zucchini remove the stalk. Then the fruits are washed and peeled, if necessary.

Important! If the vegetables are young, the skin can be removed from them.

Further, each zucchini is cut into 4 pieces along the fruit and each is cut into slices. All this time it is necessary to observe the tomatoes, which are cooked on the stove. In 20 minutes, the mass boils down a bit. Now it adds sugar, salt and vegetable oil according to the recipe. After that, grated carrots are placed in a saucepan and mixed thoroughly. In this form, the mass should be stewed for 5 minutes.

After the time, onions are added to the pan and the vegetables are stewed again for 5 minutes. Then, every five minutes, pepper and zucchini are added to the dish. From time to time a lot of stir. Now the dish should be stewed for about 30 minutes.

When the remaining cooking time will be 5 minutes, it is necessary to pour table vinegar into the preparation. After the time has elapsed, the fire is turned off and immediately they start pouring lecho into prepared jars. The containers are closed with sterilized covers and turned over. After that, the workpiece must be covered with a warm blanket and left in this form until the leco is completely cooled. Further, lecho with zucchini and pepper for the winter is placed in a cellar or other cool room.

Tip! In addition to the proposed ingredients, you can add your favorite greens to squash lecho.

Many housewives cook tasty lecho from zucchini with parsley or dill. They, too, must be thoroughly washed, chopped with a knife and added to lecho 10 minutes before cooking. During this time, the blank will absorb all the flavor and taste. Also, each housewife can change the number of ingredients at their discretion and taste.


Of course, there are different recipes for squash lecho from the winter. But mostly this dish is prepared with bell peppers, tomatoes and carrots. This recipe for leucca zucchini is considered the best. Each hostess can choose additional ingredients that will make the taste of the billet only better. Pepper and courgette lecho is a delicious dish that has been very popular for many years. Try to cook at least once, and it will become your annual tradition.