Variety of tomatoes Quum


Probably, no summer cottage or garden land does not do without growing tomatoes. And if the area is not very large, and it is impossible to grow many varieties at once, then many fans of these useful vegetables often have a dilemma about which variety to choose. After all, you want to be able to start tasting the first fruits as soon as possible. And I also want them to be large, fleshy and tasty. But on the other hand, every experienced gardener knows that the earliest ripe tomatoes are rarely large sizes. And really tasty, fleshy fruits are characteristic mainly for mid-season and even late-ripening varieties. But fortunately, there are exceptions to this rule.

Here, for example, the variety of tomatoes Quum is early ripening, that is, it ripens in about 90-100 days from the appearance of full germination. And its fruits at the same time according to their characteristics may well compete with many late-ripening varieties. As you already understood, this article will be devoted to the description of the variety and characteristics of the tomato Quum.

Variety description

This amazing variety of tomatoes was born thanks to the efforts of Ukrainian breeders around the beginning of the XXI century. It has not yet been included in the State Register of Russia, remaining a popular "popular" variety.

Comment! However, due to the fact that not a single agricultural company officially sells it, its seeds are considered rare and can be obtained mainly from collectors.

Tomato Quum is indeterminate, but not only does it have unlimited growth, its entire bush impresses with its strength and power. In height, it easily grows to two meters or more, and even in open ground can grow up to 180 cm. The leaves are quite large in size, the traditional rugged form.

In general, this variety is positioned as a greenhouse, because it is under film or polycarbonate shelters, it can show itself in all its glory. In the open ground it makes sense to grow it only in the southernmost regions of Russia, because with a lack of heat and sun, it may not show the best indicators of yield. Still, this tomato was bred in the relatively southern climate of Ukraine.

As already noted, the terms of ripening tomatoes in the variety of Qum can be called one of the earliest. With the traditional planting of tomato seedlings in the greenhouse in May, the first ripe fruits can be plucked as early as mid-July.

Of course, such a powerful giant as tomato Quum needs companion stitch, shaping and garter. The more sun your region is characterized by, the more stalks it can have during formation. When grown in the middle band and to the north, it is advisable to keep tomato bushes of this variety in one stem.

The yield of this variety is also impressive, given its early ripening. With one bush for the season, you can get up to 5-6 kg of delicious tomatoes.

Important! Tomatoes ripen with brushes, and from 7 to 9 fruits can be tied on one brush. One bush is able to endure 4-5 such brushes.

According to reviews of summer residents who planted Quum tomato, it stands up well against adverse weather conditions. It has the properties to set fruit well in any weather. Tomatoes of Qum variety are not prone to cracking. As for its resistance to diseases, there is not much data on this. Most likely, the resistance of the variety is on average. As for late blight, since it usually begins to spread at the end of summer with the onset of cold nights, thanks to its early ripeness, Quum tomatoes have time to give most of the harvest to this point.

Characteristics of tomatoes

This variety of tomatoes can really be proud of their fruits.

  • Tomatoes have the most traditional flat-round shape. The largest tomatoes at the junction with the stem have many folds, and the shape can become complex, branched.
  • The fruits of tomato Quum, obviously, belong to the category of large-fruited and even beef-tomatoes. And it is a rarity for early ripe varieties. After all, the mass of even the smallest tomatoes of this variety is about 300-400 grams, and the largest ones can weigh up to 1000 grams.
  • The surface of the skin is smooth.
  • The flesh of the tomatoes is fleshy, dense, juicy, with many seed chambers, but the seeds themselves are very small in the fruit and they are very small in size. In the first lowest fruits of the seed may not be at all. If you want to propagate this variety with seeds, do not be upset. In the subsequent, later fruits, the seeds may be found.
  • The color of the tomatoes is rich red without a green spot on the stem.
  • The taste of tomato varieties Koum is estimated by most gardeners perfectly. The fruits are not just sweet, but sugary, with watermelon pulp, which is also very rare among early ripe tomatoes.
  • Have a pleasant tomato flavor.
  • Tomatoes are clearly salad destination, which does not interfere if you want to let them on tomato juice or pasta, dry and expose other culinary processing. But they are not intended for whole-fruit preservation.
  • The safety of the fruit is very good, especially considering their gigantic size. In cool conditions, tomatoes can be stored without losing the presentation for up to 2-3 weeks. Their transportability is average.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tomato Quum deservedly enjoys popular love thanks to the many advantages inherent in this variety:

  • Early ripening of tomatoes in combination with excellent taste;
  • The ability to get high yields;
  • Large, sometimes giant fruits;
  • Good preservation of the fruit for a long time;
  • Resistance to weather and other adverse conditions.

Among the shortcomings can be noted only some of the complexity in the cultivation, because the tomato Quum requires regular shaping of the bush and garters, not only the stems, but also the fruits.

Features of growing

Despite the large-fruitedness, the cultivation of tomato seedlings Quum is not fundamentally different from other varieties. Moreover, thanks to its early ripeness, it is possible to sow seeds for seedlings throughout March.

Attention! To ensure high yields and feed a powerful bush, Kuum tomato requires abundant nutrition from the first months.

Therefore, it is recommended to start feeding in a week after the picking, as soon as the plants recover and go to growth. It is better to dilute the complex fertilizer twice as much as indicated by the manufacturer, but you can feed this fertilizer more often, for example, once a week.

On the beds in the greenhouse on one square meter planted no more than three tomatoes. They should be planted near a trellis or any other support and immediately tied to it. Forming and tying bushes will be one of the main procedures for the care of tomatoes, because large brushes with giant fruits require a separate garter.

Also required regular feeding and watering. To control weeds, it is better to mulch the root system of tomatoes from the very beginning and to put straw, sawdust or other organic matter under them during the summer, which you decide to use as mulch.

For the prevention of the most common tomato sores when planting Quum tomato bushes in the ground, it is desirable to treat the phytosporin solution.

Reviews gardeners

Those gardeners who have had the experience of growing tomato Quum on their plots speak enthusiastically of him. Many have long recorded it in the lists of their regular varieties. There are some negative reviews that may be associated with the planting of substandard seeds.

Olga, 35 years old, SamaraTomat Quum was grown in a greenhouse. The bush turned out very high, it was above all other varieties. Brushes tied up more or less together. I normalized them, leaving about 6 - 8 fruits per brush, because I was afraid that the bush would not be able to feed such bulky brushes. Tomatoes have grown big and very big. In total on plants about four brushes on a trunk were fastened. I formed it into two trunks. Larisa, 38, Omsk I don’t know what to think. I planted Qum tomatoes last season, after reading reviews on the Internet, and something completely incomprehensible grew - small tomatoes of a very mediocre taste. And by the number of fruits, this variety could not be called fruitful. Seeds taken from a collector. Of course, it’s early to draw conclusions from one experience, but I don’t even know if I will try it again. Sergey, 48, Kursk We have a large collection of tomatoes that we selected according to the principle - the most delicious, the most productive, the most stable. From the early tomatoes, the Qum variety fully meets all our requirements, therefore we have been growing it for several years and are not going to shoot it yet. Some tomatoes ripened just gigantic sizes, up to 900 grams. Surprisingly, such ultra early tomatoes have a delicious sweet taste and meaty salad pulp. Hope, 45 years old, MozhskySeaped this year with just a few Quum seeds that I inherited from a friend. At first she shoved seedlings, even began to form two trunks, but then somehow missed this moment and the tomatoes began to grow by themselves. The bushes have grown very powerful, without a garter with him absolutely impossible to cope. And tomatoes ripen such a magnitude that if they are not tied up, they break off. By the way, the first brush with tomatoes ripened one of the first in the greenhouse. And the tomatoes taste sweet, dense, with very beautiful flesh. Such an amazing variety. I really liked him. All its characteristics in the description are completely true. Although there was little seed, I collected everything, and I will definitely grow it next year.


The variety of tomatoes Quum has a rare set of characteristics that are collected in one tomato: early ripeness is perfectly combined with high yield, large-fruited and excellent taste. Therefore, this variety should become especially attractive for owners of small areas who cannot afford to have a wide variety of varieties with different characteristics.