Galahad grapes


Among the novelties of the Russian breeding, Galahad grapes, an early ripe table hybrid, have become particularly popular. Its large amber berries attract a fragrant aroma and a pleasant moderately sweet taste.

Grapes were the result of the successful work of scientists of the Institute named after Y. I. Potapenko in crossing three different varieties. Most importantly, the Galahad hybrid is adapted to the climatic features of the southern and central regions of Russia.

Characteristic variety

Not so much time has passed since the appearance of the Galahad variety, but numerous positive reviews from professionals indicate the high technical characteristics of the grapes.

In southern latitudes and middle lane, Galahad grapes are harvested by the end of July or early August. Due to early ripening, many summer residents make attempts to grow crops in more northern latitudes. Here, the ripening period of the Galahad variety increases by 10-15 days, the obstacle is also higher humidity and cold winters.

Under favorable conditions, the hybrid variety Galahad demonstrates:

  • rapid growth - for the season shoots reach 2 m;
  • high-quality pollination - due to the universality of flower stalks;
  • early ripening period is about 100 days;
  • good fruiting - up to 70%;
  • high frost resistance;
  • considerable resistance of grapes to diseases;
  • quick rooting of cuttings;
  • high yield.

Description of berries

Galahad grapes, as evidenced by the description of the variety and confirmed by reviews and photos, form large clusters of conical shape weighing up to 600 g. Under the thin skin of large amber-yellow berries there is a dense fleshy pulp with a thin, very pleasant, sweetish taste. Grape varieties Galahad has an excellent presentation. In shady places, the berries acquire a milky white wax coating. Their skin is quite strong to withstand long-term transportation. Berries do not crack even in rainy seasons. Among the technical characteristics of the variety Galahad can be identified:

  • tasting assessment - up to 9 points;
  • sugar content is about 21%;
  • acidity - about 6 g / l.
Important! It is in the last few days of ripening berries are gaining basic sweetness.

In the description of the grape variety Galahad mentioned that with numerous advantages it has minor drawbacks, including:

  • attractiveness for birds, therefore, during the ripening period of grapes, it is advisable to set up among the bushes of a scarecrow or wrap ripening brushes in a net. To the grapes did not begin to fall off, should be in time to harvest;
  • with intensive sun exposure, the Galahad varieties change their shade to a darker one, so the degree of illumination must be adjusted;
  • important nutrient composition of the soil;
  • despite resistance to many diseases, Galahad grapes require preventive treatments.

Preparing for landing

Galahad grapes, as shown in the description of the variety, photos and videos, can be propagated by saplings or cuttings that are rooted very quickly. Planted in the spring, by the fall they already give two powerful shoots from each stalk. Before planting, you should carefully examine the seedlings and select fresh and healthy, they differ:

  • light brown color, without any stains, damage, signs of fading;
  • only one-year-old seedlings are selected for planting the hybrid variety Galahad - an old earthy shade appears in the old ones;
  • the roots of healthy seedlings should be resilient, without traces of mold, and grape shoots must be greenish in color with fresh leaves.
Important! Before planting, the tips of the roots should be trimmed with a sharp knife and the blackened parts removed.

You need to choose the right place for planting Galahad grapes. For quick ripening and accumulation of sugar berries need abundant sunlight. Therefore, the site should be open, well lit. At the same time, Galahad grapes need protection from cold winds. A wall or a fence that does not obscure the vineyard will serve as a good shelter from the wind. In addition, the wall that warms up during the day will give off heat to the grapes at night.

A negative factor for the normal development of the Galahad variety will be proximity to the surface of the groundwater. If they rise up to 2-3 m from the ground surface, it is necessary to organize a good drainage system with expanded clay or gravel. The ground must be flat so that water cannot stagnate on it, since it is high humidity that causes root rot to appear on Galahad grapes. The best choice would be a sublime place in the southern part of the site. Grapes are not very capricious in relation to the composition of the soil and grows well on loam and peat soils. The main thing that the soil was not salted.

The pits for planting Galahad grapes must be prepared in advance:

  • for autumn planting, the wells are prepared at the end of August, and for spring - in October;
  • the size of the pits should be quite large, optimally - 80x80 cm;
  • as the bushes of the Galahad variety grow strongly, it is necessary to leave a distance of up to 2 m between them;
  • between the rows, the gap is up to 3 m;
  • the bottom of the pit is filled with fertile soil mixed with compost.

Planting seedlings

The planting technology of the Galahad grape variety is simple:

  • the day before the procedure, seedlings should be put in water, you can add several crystals of potassium permanganate to strengthen the immunity;
  • coat the roots with a mixture of manure and clay and let dry;
  • Each plant should be carefully placed on a mound of fertile soil with growth buds oriented to the north and covered almost to the root collar with earth;
  • seedlings of grapes, the length of which is more than 25 cm, placed in the hole in an oblique view;
  • compact the soil and all the bushes pour water abundantly;
  • To prevent too rapid evaporation of moisture, mulch the soil under the grapes;
  • near the plant should be support for garter vines as it grows.

If you need to plant several seedlings at once, the trench method of planting grapes is usually used. Support for tying the vine must be installed in the hole in advance, otherwise it may damage the root system of the seedling. It is most convenient to tension several rows of wire between the posts parallel to the ground. For more effective watering in the hole next to the bush vertically fix a small plastic pipe for watering. It should protrude 10–20 cm above the ground. The Galahad sapling is cut to 3-4 holes and covered with a plastic container to create a greenhouse effect. Days after 10-15 shelter should be removed.

Care features

Agrotechnics hybrid variety Galahad is characterized by some features that should be borne in mind:

  • Galahad grapes fall into the category of heat-loving species, and although it is resistant to 25 degrees of frost, in middle latitudes bushes need to be well covered for the winter;
  • Often, Galahad grapes begin to bear fruit in the first season, which leads to too intense a load on the vine, so thinning is necessary;
  • to reduce the load on the roots, in the middle of summer, stepsons are removed; reviews indicate that the Galahad grape grows poorly on soils with high acidity - they need to be neutralized;
  • plants do not tolerate drought poorly, so the soil should not be allowed to dry under the bushes;
  • Fallen leaves and berries must be collected and immediately destroyed, otherwise they will become a favorable environment for the development of pathogenic microflora.

For young saplings of Galahad grapes in the first months after planting, arrange a canopy of white covering material. It will protect the shoots from the direct rays of the sun.

The hybrid variety Galahad responds very well to all types of fertilizers - organic and mineral. Therefore, you can use complex fertilizers, alternating them with manure or compost. Before feeding, you must carefully water the plants.

Disease control

The description of the Galahad grape indicates that it is well resistant to fungal diseases. The risk of defeat by powdery mildew is increased if diseased plants are nearby for a long time. There is also its high resistance to mildew.

If upon examination of the leaves of the grapes, signs of the disease are found - yellow or brown spots, dried shoots, should be collected and burned immediately. In the fight against disease prevention will bring more benefits. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out periodic spraying of Galahad grapes bushes by various means.

Usually it is enough three times:

  • a week after the awakening of the vine, it is sprayed with a solution of copper sulphate, Bordeaux liquid will be suitable for processing;
  • when the leaves are dissolved, the treatment is repeated with a weaker solution;
  • when the flowering of the grapes is over, it is possible to treat the bushes with a solution of colloidal sulfur.

Viticulturist reviews

Anna Klintseva, 46 years old, Vladimir. After reading a detailed description of the variety, reviews, reviewing the photo, we decided to purchase the saplings of Galahad grapes and did not regret it. The grade is excellent, sweet, undemanding to leaving. During the season we carry out two treatments - this is enough for the prevention of diseases. Our Galahad grape variety grows in partial shade so that the sun does not burn too much. Pleases high yield and resistance to cracking. Next year we want to add bushes of the Galahad variety. Karamyshev Grigory, 63 years old, Izhevsk. For our climatic conditions, the Galahad grape variety is suitable for all the characteristics - yield, ripening time, taste, resistance to diseases. The berries are large and ripen amicably. Grapes are good not only fresh, we harvest juices for the winter, we make jam. Zarechkina Nadezhda, 54 years old, Barnaul. In our area, Galahad grapes demonstrate good aging of shoots and excellent frost resistance. Large tasty berries, all characteristics are fully consistent with the description. If you overdo it on the vine, it won't crack. Care is quite simple, the usual agrotechnical techniques. We recommend to all your friends. Mikhail Kurolesov, 70 years old, Pyatigorsk We have a variety of Galahad blooms very powerful, we have to break off some of the flowers. It polishes fine, very large brushes are formed, and the berries are not small, they do not burst at all. The taste is excellent, pleasant crunchy flesh. After tasting decided to expand the landing.


The Galahad grape is a real find for temperate regions. Compliance with the simple rules of agricultural technology ensures its high yields every year.