Pepper Admiral F1


It turns out that the cultivation of heat-loving plants is possible in a cool climate. Proof of this are the huge harvests, for example, of Bulgarian pepper in the territory of central Russia. Everyone knows that this plant prefers stable heat, and for full maturation it needs a long warm summer. Therefore, for a cool climate, early and mid-early varieties of peppers are more suitable. Just such applies to pepper Admiral f1. In the photo below you can see how this pepper looks like.

Variety description

Pepper Admiral - medium reliable hybrid with a maturity of up to 110 days. Suitable for both greenhouses and open beds. Normally suffer a lack of moisture. The bush is semi-sprawling, 1-1.3 m high, there are usually a lot of leaves on it. Fruits with color ranging from greenish-white to red, weighing up to 150 grams, with a wall thickness of up to 6 mm, look like a cone, smooth, shiny. The taste of the peppers is simply gorgeous - sweet and juicy, they are rather fleshy, they will be stored for a long time if the storage conditions are suitable. Well tolerated transportation, therefore, are of commercial interest, the yield is 5.5-6.5 kg per square meter.

How to prepare seeds for sowing

The period from the moment of planting the seeds to the harvesting of the pepper of the Admiral is quite long, it takes 3.5-4 months. Therefore, taking into account these terms, the planting of seeds for seedlings starts from the end of January - beginning of February. Pepper seeds germinate for quite a long time - about two weeks. To shorten this period a little,

Preseeding preparation

  1. It is necessary to pickle the seeds of pepper Admiral f1. To do this, prepare a weak solution of potassium permanganate and place seeds in it for 15-20 minutes.
  2. After this time, fold them on a sieve and rinse under warm running water.
  3. Place the seeds in a cup with a solution of trace elements or growth stimulant for 11 hours.
  4. Rinse the seeds lightly and leave on a slightly damp white frost for two days. After that, the seeds of Admiral f1 are ready for planting.

How to sow pepper seeds

This process is absolutely not difficult. The most important thing is a good, high-quality soil and planting tanks. If the land is purchased in a gardening shop, you should pay attention to the labeling, the land should be specifically for pepper.

Seed sowing rules

  • pour the ground into the largest planting capacity 2 cm below the top edge. It is desirable that there should be holes in the bottom of this tank - this is necessary to ensure that the soil is always wet, since the tank must stand in a pan filled with water;
  • make a weak solution of potassium permanganate and shed them land for planting;
  • using a wooden stick or ordinary pencil to make a groove about 1 cm deep and about 7 cm apart;
  • spread out the seeds in these grooves so that between them was at least 2 cm and sprinkle with earth;
  • pull the film on the container and put it in a warm place.

If the pre-sowing treatment of seeds was carried out, the seedlings will not take long to appear and may appear in a week. It is necessary to look into the container with the planted seeds every day to make sure that there is no drying, if necessary, pour gently with warm water.

What to do when shoots appeared

When the first shoots appear, you should immediately remove the film from the container and rearrange it in the most illuminated place, for example, on the window sill. It is necessary to pay attention to the air temperature near the window glass. If it is below 22 ° C, then the Admiral box with pepper seedlings should be moved to the side of the dwelling, without forgetting about the comprehensive coverage of the seedlings. It is advisable to extend the daylight using an LED or fluorescent lamp, including it in the mornings, evenings, and when it is overcast.

Watering seedlings

Cold water for irrigation of seedlings is not recommended, so that the shoots do not get sick and do not slow down growth. Water should be warm, approximately + 28 + 30 ° C. While the seedlings are still weak, you can water it using a tablespoon instead of a watering can.

Dive seedlings

At the stage of the appearance of two true leaves (not counting cotyledons), it is necessary to pick the pepper, that is, from the total capacity, each sprout should be transplanted into a separate peat pot or a single cup. Before transplanting, pour the ground in a container with pepper seedlings, very carefully grab the sprout with a piece of soil and plant it in a prepared pot.

Landing in the ground

During the period from May 10 to May 20, the Admiral seedlings of pepper can be planted in a greenhouse, and on an open bed after May 25, when steady warm weather is established. If frost is expected, you should thoroughly water the garden with pepper, put a few arcs and cover with foil or other covering material. Plastic bottles with a cut-off bottom can also be used for this purpose. Just put them on each pepper while waiting for frosts, during the day you can not remove, but only unscrew the cap for access of air.


According to experienced gardeners, pepper Admiral f1 is worthy of taking pride of place on any household plot.

Ksenia Mikhailova, 48 years old, Irkutsk. The Admiral did not expect such a crop from pepper at all! This sort of pepper was completely unfamiliar to me, but I was seduced by the picture on the seed bag, and the seller advised me very much. I didn’t regret having bought the seeds! Grigory Petrovich Kuzmenko, 63 years old with. Shushenskoye Neighbor last year boasted a rich harvest of pepper, showed what pepper grew on its site, large, beautiful and tasty. He did not give seeds, he says, he does not divorce with seeds. I did not believe it, I thought, I regretted it. I bought the seeds of pepper Admiral f1 in the store, looking, and this is a hybrid. I did not trust these hybrids before, but now I understand that in vain! With pepper, in general, there were no problems, and the harvest was good.