How to grow strawberries on the balcony


Strawberries love to feast on everything, and grown on their own, it seems even tastier. For those who want to eat their own grown berries, but not having a garden plot, there is an alternative option - strawberries on the balcony.

This is not only a tasty berry, it has a lot of other useful properties. According to the vitamin composition, strawberries will give odds to overseas fruits. 60 mg per 100 g of vitamin C is more than lemons. Vitamins A and PP, five types of vitamins of group B, a lot of calcium and other minerals - not all the nutrients that are in strawberries.

This amazing berry has bactericidal properties and is able to effectively relieve the skin on the face from acne and inflammation. Anti-sclerotic, diuretic, stabilizing metabolism and pancreas work - this is an incomplete list of the therapeutic effect of strawberries. A small calorie - only 41 kcal per 100 g of the product makes it indispensable for dietary nutrition. One problem - for strawberries, many are allergic. But often it does not appear on the berry itself, but on the harmful substances with which it is processed. If strawberries are grown independently, then there simply cannot be such substances in it.

How to grow strawberries on the balcony? This process can not be called simple and easy. But under all conditions, it is quite possible to harvest strawberries on the balcony.

Components of a balcony bed

  • Balcony facing south. Of course, not everyone has it, but for this reason it is not worth giving up. It is easy to equip the backlight, with her plants will be quite comfortable.
  • Tanks for growing strawberries. There are many options, ranging from ordinary balcony boxes and ending with a horizontal bed in hydroponics. Each method has its own characteristics.
Tip! If you are a beginner and grow strawberries for the first time, it is better not to plant a large plantation, but to start with several plants in small containers.

The experience gained over time will increase the number of plants and the crop that you will receive.

Horizontal tanks

The simplest construction is a balcony box in which flowers are usually grown. Strawberries should be planted in boxes by keeping a distance of 25 cm between plants.

Tip! The depth of the box should not be less than 30 cm.

At the bottom, as in all other cases, you need to put drainage.

Strawberries on the balcony in PVC pipes - another version of the horizontal planting. The pipe is chosen with a diameter of at least 20 cm. It is possible to cut holes in it with a diameter of about 10 cm at a distance of 20 cm. Another option is to make a hole the entire length of the pipe 10 cm wide. In both cases, the ends of the pipe are provided with plugs.

Vertical tanks

There is more variety here. That only do not use gardeners for vertical beds. Strawberries are planted in bags of black or other dark spunbond with holes made in several tiers.

You can sew such bags of black polyethylene or use ready-made. Just do not forget to make them drain holes. They are hung on the wall or on the ceiling. You can put pots of different diameters on one another and build a pyramid of them.

Tip! When building such a pyramid under each pot will have to put a small solid support made of wood.

In such pots, strawberries are quite comfortable.

It is very convenient to use PVC pipes with holes in them for vertical beds. Their diameter is the same as for a horizontal bed, but they must be arranged in a checkerboard pattern. The lower part is supplied with a plug, drainage from gravel to a height of 10 cm is filled into it.

You can plant strawberries in ordinary hanging pots, but not less than 3 liters. Strawberries on the balcony grows well in plastic bottles. Its volume should not be less than 5 liters, the upper part of the bottle should be cut, and in the bottom make a hot nail with a hole to drain excess water. At the bottom it is better to put the drainage in a small layer, about 5 cm.

The volume of the bottles may be less, but in this case they are placed horizontally, and the opening for planting is made in the side. A warning! From the bottom you need to make holes for water flow.

Soil is a very important component. The future harvest will ultimately depend on the composition of the soil. Since strawberries will grow in a small amount of land, the soil needs quite nutritious. It should keep moisture well, be loose and well saturated with air. Soil acidity is an important indicator. Strawberries, unlike most garden crops, are good for slightly acidic soil and grow best in such soil.

The composition of the soil for the balcony berries

  • Chernozem or turf land - 3 parts.
  • Sand - 1 part.
  • Hygiene - 1 part.

Such soil meets all the requirements for the successful cultivation of delicious berries.

Growing conditions on the balcony

Strawberries are a non-capricious berry, but for growing they require certain conditions.


It is very important for strawberries. In case of insufficient illumination of the crop, you can not wait. Bushes will be pulled out, their growth will slow down. On the southern balcony light plants enough. All the rest will have to light up the strawberries either for part of the day, or for the whole day if the balcony faces north. Photoluminescent lamps are best suited for backlighting, but they are expensive. The budget option - fluorescent or LED lamps.

Top dressing

Growing strawberries in a confined space requires frequent fertilizing, as strawberries, especially remontant, take out a lot of nutrients from the soil. Top dressings can be both root and foliar. The latter can be used only before flowering. Feed strawberries must necessarily complex fertilizer with micronutrients to provide plants with good nutrition.

Attention! For a balcony strawberry it is impossible to make concentrated fertilizer solutions in order not to burn the roots of the plants.

Concentration is better to reduce by half the recommended norm, but feed more often - every ten days. After feeding should be followed by watering.

Watering erodes the soil, so it will be useful to add a handful of humus to each plant once a month, evenly distributing it over the surface.


Growing strawberries on the balcony is impossible without watering, but with excessive moisture the roots can rot, and the berries get gray rot. How to determine the need for watering? If the soil to a depth of 0, 5 cm is dry - you need to water.

Tip! Do not forget to use drainage when planting - it will regulate the water regime of the plant.


Self-guided strawberry varieties on the balcony - Lord, Suprim, their cultivation does not require pollination. To the rest of the varieties yielded a harvest, man will have to work hard. The movement of air pollinates the bushes well, but with a strong wind the strawberry feels uncomfortable. Therefore, it is better not to risk and pollinate flowers with a brush.

Whisker removal

The formation of whiskers greatly depletes the plants; the formation of flower stalks and the growth of the berries of forces may not remain. Therefore, it is better to remove unwanted sockets.

Tip! If you do not want to spend time on it, grow up without varieties: Bolero, Lyubasha.

You can grow on the balcony and bezusuyu remontantny strawberries. Caring for her is the same as for strawberries, and you can get a good harvest. Varieties Baron Solemakher, Rügen, Alexandria will delight a large number of sweet and fragrant berries. The small size is compensated by abundant fruiting.

If conditions allow, strawberries can be grown on the balcony all year round. But for this only suitable varieties of neutral day, less demanding of lighting conditions.

Planting and breeding

Planting strawberries need to produce correctly.

  • Choose only young plants of the first year of life.
  • Plant them either in early spring or late summer.
  • When planting do not bend the roots, it is better to cut them a little.
  • Do not bury the central heart in the ground, but do not leave bare roots.
  • Do not forget to water the planted plants.

Strawberries can be propagated by whiskers and seeds. Seed propagation is a laborious process. Berries from such plants can be obtained only in the second year. It is better to buy a mustache of proven varieties that give maximum yield in the conditions of balcony cultivation.

Strawberry varieties for balcony beds


A variety that grows well even in indoor conditions. The berries are not very large, only 12 grams, but the variety is almost tinless.


American variety of neutral day. Well bears fruit in a protected ground. Sweet berries weigh about 20 g. Fruiting is prolonged.


Making strawberry fruit on the balcony is not so easy, but if the berry is grown with its own hands, it is healthier and sweeter than the one purchased.