Herbicide Glyphos


Weed control gives gardeners and gardeners a lot of trouble. If you do not have time for manual weeding, then you can use herbicides to kill weeds.

Glyphos is a dangerous tool for weeds and cultivated plants; it destroys all vegetation in the application area. It is a continuous chemical.

Indications for use

Since Glyphos destroys all the vegetation in its path, it cannot be used after the emergence of crop plants. In what cases can this herbicide be used?

  1. When fighting grass at paths, buildings, along fences. During the season, the treatment should be repeated 1-3 times.
  2. Preparation of land for seeding lawn. To begin the destruction of weeds should be 1-1.5 months before sowing grass seed.
  3. If necessary, the total destruction of vegetation in the process of cultivation of neglected or untouched land.
  4. Weed control in the early spring or immediately after harvest.

Operating principle

Herbicide Glyphos is absorbed by leaves and stalks of weed, as a result of which not only the aboveground part of the plant dies, but also the root system. In the process of death, the leaves of the weed turn brown, wither and die off completely.

Important! Weed remedy does not prevent seed germination, as it does not penetrate them through the soil.

How dangerous is the drug

Glyphos is practically non-toxic, as a result of which it does not pose a significant threat to birds, worms, fish and bees. However, it is better to limit the flights of bees for a period of up to 12 hours after the treatment of the field, allocating a zone for them away from the treated land.

A warning! In order to avoid troubles, warn the beekeepers' neighbors that you are planning to use Glyphos on the site 3-5 days before the start of work.

The benefits of Glyphos from weeds

There are a number of advantages that should be considered when choosing a means for the destruction of weeds:

  • Almost 100% result from the application.
  • The preparation contains a water softener and a high-tech surfactant, thanks to which the effect of the preparation is stable, regardless of the quality of water and even the weather conditions.
  • Means destroys monocotyledons, dicotyledons, cereal and malicious weeds.
  • It can be used for mixing with sulfonylurea and phenoxyacid herbicides.

How to store the tool

If you bought a larger amount of Glyphos than you needed, you can save it for the next treatment. The instructions for use of Glyphos from weeds indicate the temperature range at which the drug can be stored without losing its qualities. So, at a temperature of -15 to + 40 º C, the tool remains intact. If the temperature in the room where the drug is stored is below -15 ºС, then it will need to be mixed more thoroughly before use, but the properties of Glyphos are not lost. Shelf life and use is 5 years.

The period of the death of plants after processing

The period of the death of weeds after the injection of Glyphos is different. It all depends on the type of weed:

  1. Annuals fade after 3 days.
  2. Perennials begin to die after 7-10 days.
  3. Shrubs and trees - in 20-30 days.

How to prepare a solution

In order to destroy the weeds on 1 acres of land, you will need 5 liters of diluted drug. Glyphos is bred according to the variety of weeds:

  • To destroy dicotyledonous and annual cereal weeds, you need to dilute 80 ml of the product in 10 l of water.
  • The dicotyledonous cereal perennials require the introduction of more poison, since they have a more powerful root system. So, you need 120 ml of Glyphos per 10 liters of water.

So, in order to cope with weeds quickly and without much effort, you need to follow the recommendations and instructions for the preparation specified in the article. Remember that Glyphos is a strong substance of continuous action, therefore it is better to use it before planting cultivated plants.


Oleg, 52, Angarsk I read reviews on the Internet about Glyphos and decided to try to use it to destroy weeds in the yard - around the house and along the tracks. The result pleased me. Now my wife does not walk around with a chopper around the house! I'm glad I could make her life easier.

Alina, 38, Yurga My husband and I bought a piece of land on which we decided to build a cottage. It was a very overgrown territory, one might say, virgin. That it just did not grow. We have long thought how to get rid of so many weeds. Neighbors at the site recommended us to use herbicides. We took Glyphos. The result is great! Now we have a very beautiful site and we have almost completed the construction of a country house.

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